South Africa’s 7 most popular social networks

written by Sarah Duff on July 11, 2013 in Social Media with 9 comments

In a follow up to my post about the top 10 South African websites, I’ve trawled the web for the most up-to-date stats (which are surprisingly hard to find) on South Africa’s most popular social media sites. Seeing as a lot of South Africans communicate over mobile phones, I’ve included mobile IM networks as part of this list.


1. MXIT  – 10 million users

2. Facebook – 6 million users

3. YouTube – 6 million users

4. Whatsapp – 4.6 million users

5. BBM – 3.3 million users

6. Twitter – 2.4 million users

7. Linkedin – 1.9 million users

8. 2Go – 1 million users

9. Google+ – 500 000 users

10. Pinterest – 150 000 users



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