Web Africa Gaming Experience (WAGE), an EA Ranked Server Provider, has launched its Crysis 2 servers for  the demo of the game being released. Crysis 2, developed by Crytek  and published by EA will be released on March 22 in the US, and on March 25th in Europe and South Africa. […]

The demo client can be downloaded from our WAGE FTP server, Freezone-enabled! Weighing in at 1.6GB the demo will include two maps namely, Skyline and Pier 17, with game modes Team Instant Action and Point Capture.

Now is the time to get a feel for what the game will be like, prior to its release locally on March 25th. The demo is freely available to play to anyone during the demo phase. Once again, don the nanosuit that defined the future of warfare!

Be Strong, be Fast, be Invisible, be the Weapon!

Some gameplay videos

Download the client!

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  1. Thx a lot. Much awesomeness

    Pvt.Death / Reply
  2. hey man, when i refresh the games servers, it doesnt show anything, does wage have a IP i can connect to? thanks man

    Stan_da_man / Reply
  3. well only awesome if someone will play online. been searching the whole day and no one playing

    yourmom / Reply
  4. why do none of the servers work guys we realy wane play on local servers

    SabreFox910 / Reply
  5. Are there going to be servers for the Actual game and not the demo? As i just bought it today and want to jam some online :P!

    Walfy / Reply
  6. Can we please have a ping limit of about 150 on the servers. its almost unbearable to play against an oke with 300+ ping.

    Mojo1 / Reply
  7. I randomly just got banned from server wtf

    Pavlovsgolfish / Reply
  8. Hi
    None of the local servers are showing up for me as of late

    David Kaplan / Reply
  9. 150? thats too low for some people, 240 should the the max, its nice and fair…

    Cmon... / Reply

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