WAGE Crysis 2 Servers Launched

written by admin on March 8, 2011 in Gaming with 9 comments


Web Africa Gaming Experience (WAGE), an EA Ranked Server Provider, has launched its Crysis 2 servers for  the demo of the game being released. Crysis 2, developed by Crytek  and published by EA will be released on March 22 in the US, and on March 25th in Europe and South Africa. […]

The demo client can be downloaded from our WAGE FTP server, Freezone-enabled! Weighing in at 1.6GB the demo will include two maps namely, Skyline and Pier 17, with game modes Team Instant Action and Point Capture.

Now is the time to get a feel for what the game will be like, prior to its release locally on March 25th. The demo is freely available to play to anyone during the demo phase. Once again, don the nanosuit that defined the future of warfare!

Be Strong, be Fast, be Invisible, be the Weapon!

Some gameplay videos

Download the client!

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