Take trophies.  Overwhelm enemies.  Blow them to smithereens.  Alien vs. Predator is hosted on the WAGE gaming platform.  Take part in the sci-fi masterpiece that produced thousands of comic books, action figures, and big screen movies.  And remember… in space, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM! […]

Enter the dark, dangerous world of the alien Xenomorphs and mysterious Predators in AVP.

Three campaigns run throughout the game.  Each campaign is dedicated to a specific race:

  • Predators – choose stealth and advanced technology to win your trophies!
  • Xenomorphs (Aliens) – play as an Alien for gut-churning speed and…well… guts!
  • Humans (Colonial Marines) – choose this campaign for firepower and a good old fashioned shoot-em-up!

You’ll be hooked from the beginning… and if you survive… to the end.

A little more about the three factions and their stories:

1. Predators:

Also known as Yautja and Hish, these brutish sentients exhibit physical features common to human beings, arachnids, and reptiles.  A massive head crowned with hair-like tendrils is supported by a powerful, hulking frame, clawed fingers and toes provide natural fighting tools.

Predators are more advanced than the human race.  Their weapons, body armour, and spacecraft reflect technological developments thousands of year’s superior to ours.

They hunt species that provide them with an honourable challenge.  Armed humans and Xenomorphs are considered great adversaries.  A Predator won’t hunt infants, unarmed humans, or people suffering from diseases as these would be considered dishonourable kills.

In the game, Predators make use of stealth and tactics, stalking their prey before making the killing blow.

The Predator story begins in an eerie jungle where he embarks on a rite of passage.


Plasma Casters
A shoulder mounted plasma cannon capable of blasting through a Xenomorph carapace or human armour.

Wrist Blades
The preferred melee weapon of the Predator race.  These double bladed weapons are attached to the wrist and can slice clean through carapace and bone.

Cloaking Devices
The active camo worn by Predators on the hunt.  Xenomorphs are able to “sense” the invisible Predators but humans won’t realise they’re being stalked before it’s too late.

2. Aliens:

The Aliens, also known as Xenomorphs or Intervacius Raptus, are vicious monsters capable of breeding fast and killing faster.  Thick, black carapace armour protects their vital organs, and their blood is acidic – burning through the strongest metal.

Xenomorphs are aberrations, combining the worst of all our natural fears.  Their tongues are tipped with an extra set of jaws.  Black armour covers their almost reptilian bodies, and long, barbed tails are used to impale their victims.

This species functions on the whim of a hive-mind led by an Alien Queen.

Tails, claws, and jaws are the Aliens weapons.  He’s also able to sense his victims through walls and can blend into the shadows to perform stealth kills.

Gameplay with the Xenomorph is fast and melee based.  The Alien character is born as a Chestburster in a human lab but starts as a full grown Warrior.


Aliens use their razor sharp claws to slash and tear through their enemies.  Using their natural speed to circle their targets turns this attack into a whirlwind of terror.

A mouth within a mouth.  All Aliens have an extending tongue tipped with another set of jaws.  While the jaws damage foes, it also regenerates the Aliens health, draining vital life from its enemies.

The Aliens tail is a powerful, prehensile weapon, capable of tearing through sheet metal and walls.  Tail assaults are swift and unexpected.  Used in combination with their claws, Aliens are able to take out a Marine in a matter of seconds with this attack.

3. Colonial Marines:

The Colonial Marines are hardcore, battle-trained spacefaring soldiers, prepped for war.  Marines are equipped with shoulder mounted torches, navigation maps, and motion trackers to help them gain the advantage over the technologically superior Predators and physically superior Xenomorphs.

The human Marine starts out above planet preparing for a combat drop.  The mission is compromised when a Predator ship appears out of nowhere and attacks one of the fleet.  The player, called “the Rookie”, awakens amidst the chaos.  The Marine campaign is most like a classic first person shooter.


Pulse Rifles
Military issue pulse rifles capable of tearing through an Alien carapace and wounding even the toughest Predator.

Melt enemies like butter.  The flamethrower is a devastating weapon.  Marines can inflict serious damage on their enemies with the flamethrower and it helps to battle foes at close range.

Auto-tracking Smart guns
The smart gun locks onto moving targets.  This “intelligent” weapon helps the Marine annihilate faster enemies before they come close enough to cause a problem.

Track down the WAGE AVP server here: /WAGE/AVP Server

Download an awesome WAGE AVP desktop wallpaper from our media page!

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